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Welcome to your EB Affiliates account page!

  • If you haven’t registered, sign-up here.
  • Also join the EB Affiliates Facebook Group (for the latest tips and information).
  • Earn 25% commissions on all courses and recurring memberships.
  • Commissions are earned 30 days after customer payment is made.
  • Minimum payout is $50.
  • You can create custom urls and enable direct link tracking.
  • Custom slugs can be created from the Settings tab.
  • Make sure you check out my Affiliate Tips.
  • I put some banner links in the Creatives tab, but all the latest graphics are on this Google Drive link. You can also take from my websites or make your own. Whatever you want.
  • International affiliates, you guys can pull the images from those sites directly. Or contact me if you want the original PSD to edit.
  • Affiliate Terms of Use
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