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Affiliate Signup

Welcome to the ExpertBoxing affiliates program

To be considered, please email me after you sign-up and tell me what website or methods you will use to promote EB products. Affiliates make 25% commission on each sale (including recurring membership commissions). Please sign-up using your PayPal email address.

Information about the EB affiliates program

My affiliates are quite successful. As you already know, my site is popular online and it’s only a matter of time before dedicated boxers/fighters find my site. If you refer them to my site through your affiliate product link, the cookie stays on their computer and gives you credit for any purchases that they make.

I do have an interface for affiliates to see how many referrals and sales they’ve accrued over time. I also have some nice banners and graphics/images for you to place on your site (also available in different color schemes so it goes with your website design better). There’s much more detailed information once you log in.


  • You cannot purchase from your own links. (Obviously)
  • You cannot put my brand product name and keywords on the page in a manner that manipulates search engine rankings.
  • You cannot give false discounts or rebates/moneyback (basically paying out from your own commission).

All set? Fill out the fields below to sign-up!