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Affiliate Terms of Use

To be an ExpertBoxing affiliate, you must agree to the terms below:

  1. ExpertBoxing reserves the right to withhold earned commissions at any time for any reason. I don’t plan to cheat anyone but will withhold commission if I suspect your referrals were earned in some shady manner or otherwise exploiting a loophole not covered below.
  2. You (or friends or family) cannot purchase from your own affiliate links. If the purchase seems to too close in personal relation to you, the commission will be void.
  3. You cannot compete with “ExpertBoxing” keywords, product names, or other phrases associated with ExpertBoxing on search engines or other public directories and social networks.
  4. You cannot promote or give discounts or rebates/money-back (basically paying out from your own commission).
  5. You cannot use ExpertBoxing affiliate links on any page or network that hurts the ExpertBoxing brand or operates unethically in any sense of the word.
  6. You cannot spam or exploit other networks.
  7. You cannot link from coupon, rebate, or discount sites.
  8. You cannot purchased paid ads.
  9. You cannot pretend to be an employee, team member, or internal member of ExpertBoxing.
  10. You cannot pretend to be ExpertBoxing, or operate in a way that would confuse readers.
  11. You cannot falsely promote your brand as being endorsed or operated by ExpertBoxing.

ExpertBoxing is free to amend these terms at any point in time.

Please contact me if you need clarification of the rules listed.