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GOLD Membership

Gold members get all the benefits of a EB membership FOREVER! You get all the features of a BRONZE & SILVER memberships + access to 2 advanced EB premium products + ANY future EB products for a SAVINGS OF $545!

Members-only video library:

  • special instructional boxing videos for MEMBERS ONLY!
  • videos feature premium tips and details requested by members
  • members-only video library expected to grow to 400+ videos within 2 years!

Community forums:

  • talk and share boxing tips with other diehard boxers
  • no trolls, or negative people
  • meet fighters of all levels/fighting backgrounds
  • access to private Facebook group

3 basic EB premium products:

  • How to Box in 10 Days
  • Advanced Boxing Workshop
  • 30 Days Fighter’s Diet
  • TOTAL VALUE OF $145 when purchased separately

All ADVANCED EB premium products:

  • Dancer’s Footwork for Fighters
  • Secrets to Punching Power
  • Advanced Boxing Defense (coming soon)
  • Total of $379 if purchased separately


to all future EB members-only videos and premium products…FOREVER!

*** PLEASE NOTE: There are absolutely no refunds. ***